Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Ripped blue tight jeans from Dr Denim

Ripped blue jeans as received. Dixy light stone destroyed:

Ripped blue jeans opened a bit more. Lexy laguna blue ripped, size small. The knee rips were too low originally so I opened them a bit at the top:


Assymetric, one unripped leg pure light blue and double rips in each leg laguna blue (both Dr. Denim Lexy modified):


Loads more super skinny, spray on jeans. Black and Grey

No reviews, just short comments and pictures!

If anyone wants a review on any of these, please leave a comment and I will try to get back soon!

These are some more of my favourite everyday and dare to wear jeans.

I will continue to add more pictures to this page until there are about 2 pairs on here. Please come back for more...

Some of these can no longer (easily) be obtained since the designs churn over time.

Dr. Denim Lexy black ripped knees, ripped a bit more:


Dr Denim Kissy Extra Small XS: very tight indeed! The Kissy jeans are 2 pocket style and low rise; lighter in weight but slightly darker in colour and smaller in size than the Dixys shown afterwards. Almost the same look though:




I may have these mixed up with the Dixy Black S that I got the same day.  These are the Dixy ones I think. Low rise, 4 pockets:

Black Blend Flurry jeans (black wash, strictly). Very small and very nice. Bottoms cut off because 34" leg was only option and too long. No front pockets but gorgeous jeans:


Dr Denim Lexy Black Small bought in 2019:

NoisyMay grey slashed knees 29inch waist grey:


Big favoutites: Grey Lush Dr Denim Lexy, medium size - there were a bit tight for medium compared to some other styles, being worn now as I type. It's surprising how comfortable many of the Dr Denim very tight styles are because of the flexibility of the materials:


Saturday, 15 June 2019

Loads and loads of skinny and spray on jeans. All Dr Denim Lexy or Dixy styles.

OK, here are some pictures of some different brands and types of skinny and spray on jeans that I have. Same location, different jeans. No reviews this time, just pictures but I hope to review them soon if I get a decent number of views.

If anyone wants a review on any of these, please leave a comment and I will try to get back soon!

These are some of my favourite everyday and dare to wear jeans.

Dr Denim grey lush Lexy medium size - tighter than most Dr Denims in size M maybe because of the material but legs are also narrower a bit I think:

Dr Denim Dixy mid wrecking blue /(Dr Denim site) /  light stone destroyed (ASOS). Medium size. Fab tightness especially below knees, tighter than same size Lexy version same colour without rips:

Dr Denim Lexy light indigo unfolded (hem) in Medium. Light colour, very comfy, not quite as tight as some. They sit a bit higher on the ankle being a bit shorter overall:

Dr Denim Dixy Old Black, very nice colour, slightly thicker denim than the pure black jeans from Dr Denim. The Dixy mediums here are a bit tighter than the Lexy mediums, which tend to stack just a little bit, even though they seem to be the same material. I have now ordered the Lexys in Small. The original Dixy mediums from early 2019 are here, one of my favourite colours altogether for formal and informal. Tight fit. Great with other black and white clothes especially black leather jacket (All Saints, my Christmas present to myself, when on offer 30% off) or perhaps a dark sports jacket:

Dr Denim Lexy Worker White jeans in Medium. Great colour, quite unusual. Not really white, more bleached grey - the inside of the jeans is slate grey as is the stitching. Similiar colour to ASOS design light grey acid wash jeans but more comfortable: 

Dr Denim Kissy bleached black in Large and Medium - their website no longer has these, nor has ASOS in the UK.

Large: these were not large! Very tight and 5% elastane.

Dr Denim Kissy bleached black in Medium - wrecked and slashed by me - very cheeky - these would be for clubbing only if I ever went clubbing!

Finally Dr Denim Kissy dark wash blue very soft material compared to many of the others. Wish I had tried these in Small. These are mediums but the sizes are a bit inconsitistent sometimes and they are more like Small anyway. The ones on the right have been slashed for a different look:

Best ever skinny jeans girl model. WWF.

Lose the pandas!